March 21st, 2012

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Fireball action!

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<p><img src=""" alt="Fireball photo" /></p> <p>Sometimes working on comics means backyard action poses with the broom!<br /> <em>Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry</em> will feature a lot of Fireball competitions (the sport of the future), so I’ve been taking reference photos behind the apartment. I just wish I could build full-sized replica of the Mecha suits and fire pokers! That would help a lot! </p> <p>I&#8217;ll post some more photos with comparisons to the final drawings when the book is further along!</p> <p style="text-align: right"><small>Mirrored from <a href="" title="Read Original Post">it&#039;s yaytime!</a>.</small></p>
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Teen Boat Book Launch!

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Teen Boat! makes the transformation from mini-comic to a full-color, hardcover collection (with over 30 pages of never before seen story!), published by Clarion Books. It’s the first graphic novel to truly combine the angst of being a teen with the thrill of being a boat!

The book launch will be held on the Waterfront Barge Museum, a 100-year-old, flat-bottomed wooden boat that will be docked at Hudson River Park, surrounded by historic tugboats. A “living museum,” the barge will also feature a boat art exhibit, in addition to showcasing original pages and drawings from the Teen Boat! graphic novel!

The celebration will include books available from Mobile Libris, a live reading with visual presentation, and signings by the authors! Nautical themed snacks and refreshments! Live performances of original songs about Teen Boat! by Abby Denson and Jordan Cooper! Plus, several door prizes and other activities!

This all-ages event will be open to the public. Costumes and nautical attire are encouraged! So…come aboard, we’re expecting you!


You can RSVP at the Facebook Event Page

Teen Boat! Book Launch
Friday, May 11
7 PM
Waterfront Barge Museum
Docked at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25
at West Street and N. Moore Street



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